Road rhino bumper kit

Instead of blowing more than a grand on a pre-assembled bumper or wasting your time with cheap er but low-quality bumpers, join the MOVE Nation by building your own heavy duty DIY bumper.

All of our bumpers are manufactured with heavy-duty steel and allow for extra customization after the bumper build, while still at an extremely low price point.

The MOVE DIY Bumper Kit includes all the main pieces you need to build your heavy duty steel truck bumper, including 5 main pieces, frame mounts, a few trim pieces and clevis hooks. You'll use your own factory bolts.


Also included in your DIY Kit are instructions and assembly drawings to walk you through your bumper build. Please note: Cut, miter or coping is required for the tube portion of 1. Kits do NOT come with lights or wiring harnesses, may be purchased separately. These vary with the type of vehicle. Front Bumper with Full Grille Kit: An upgrade to the standard bumper, the kit comes with extra parts, including 1. All rear bumpers have the same overall look but part counts vary by truck make and model.

We have designed our bumper kits to weld together quickly and easily using your truck as the jig and then bolt onto your truck. Experienced fabricators should be able to build a MOVE Bumper in around hours not including the time it takes to remove your stock bumper. Built to be completely customizable to fit your desired look and lifestyle, we not only offer plenty of custom options when ordering your DIY Kit but it is simple to personalize your custom bumper while building your kit.

Wing Light Holes : Our bumper kits come standard with no light holes. However, you can also customize it to have 1 or 2 sets of light holes at a small additional charge. The Bumper Kit comes to you in heavy-duty, pre-cut and pre-bent raw steel. Many customers paint, bedline, or powder coat their bumper before bolting it onto their truck. Ordering 3 or more bumpers?

Contact us to place your order. We ship to all U. International shipping is as follows:. Customer Service: Never miss a deal! Sign up to gain first access to sales, product launches, and exclusive promotions.In the June issue of Diesel Worldwe introduced the first part of this bumper project. Move Bumpers of Lewiston, MT, engineers and designs pre-cut and pre-formed pieces to allow you the end user the pieces needed to fabricate a perfectly fitting off-road bumper for your specific truck.

For the guy with some fabrication skills and the proper tools, like a MIG welder, grinder, cutoff tool, etc. There is a sense of pride that comes from building something with your own two hands, especially if you can take your time, producing a fine looking final piece to hang off the front of your truck. In part one, the bumper pieces were all tack welded together using the truck itself as the jig.

The frame mounts were bolted on, followed by the center piece which was lined up to follow along flush with the bottom of the grille. Once it was tacked in place on the frame brackets, the outer wings could be positioned and tacked onto the center.

road rhino bumper kit

The end caps to the bumper were then tacked to the outer wings, and the bumper could then be removed from the truck for final welding to be completed. For this bumper, it was decided to weld both the front and back side of each seam. This filled any holes and valleys where water could collect and start corrosion points within the bumper; it also helped make it the strongest it could be. Once all the welding was completed, the bumper was test fit back on the truck to make sure nothing moved or tweaked out of place from warpage.

Knowing it all fit like it should, the bumper came back off and about an hour was spent grinding and sanding down all the welds along the outer edges.

Smoothing them down with the grinder first and following up with a fine grit sandpaper on an angle grinder made the pieces all become one. After getting cleaned up it was dropped off at the local powder coat shop who promptly sand blasted it and covered it in a zinc based etching primer which would help the bare steel fight against rust and corrosion.

After proper drying time, the bumper went into the spray booth to get a thick coat of textured black powder coat that was baked on for proper adhesion and strength. The color turned out perfectly and looks great on the all-black Chevy truck it was built for. While the owner opted for the powdercoat, these bumpers could also be painted to match any truck or even coated in a rubberized spray-on bedliner material.

Using a Millermatic Miller mig welder, every seam on the bumper was melted together with a clean bead, on both the front and backsides. A flap disc on the angle grinder made short work of the welds and smoothed things out to near perfect smooth transitions. Some of the welds revealed low spots or holes that were filled and ground again making for perfect rounded edges. For lighting the way, a couple sets of LED lighting kits were ordered up from Tigerlights.

Using all stainless steel hardware and patented dual row side emitting led bulbs, they offer a cleaner more efficient light output than many others on the market. The all-aluminum housings are both dust and waterproof to ensure years of trouble-free performance, regardless of conditions; and they look great too. The outer fog light kits were mounted up inside the pre-cut holes on the outer wings of the bumpers. It was decided that the outer most set of lights would be angled out to broaden the field of light to show the sides of the highway since the inner fogs and inch light bar would be used to brighten up what was exactly in front of the truck on the road.

Tiger Lights also suppled professional wiring harnesses with waterproof connectors, loomed wires, relays and quality toggle switches. This meant no more wires had to be routed through the firewall, and no more switches had to be mounted to the dash. Everything is controlled via the CTS2 screen. The center light bar mounts off the ends with two Allen head bolts. This allowed the light to be positioned in the vertical center of the opening, but we were also able to adjust how far forward it sat in the bumper.

It was opted to have the light bar set back, so it was flush with the topside of the opening and protected by the bumpers outer shell. Three of these will be used to power up our Tiger Light kits. MOVE Bumper has created a unique product that can fill a large void within our market, offering an inexpensive product for the DIY truck owner not afraid to get his hands dirty and do a little fabrication on his own.

These heavy duty bumpers are inexpensive, effective, good looking and they even add some additional functionality to your truck: a homerun on every count.At BumperSuperstore. The bumper industry has taken over as a major automotive accessory throughout the years and the options have grown.

Every bumper we sell is durable, well built and designed specifically to fit your vehicle. Whether your looking to change the appearance of your truck or increase the protection of your rig we have a bumper for you.

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If you need help deciding on what you want give us a call at As a family owned company, we are available Monday-Friday to help you pick the best option for your truck. Our dedicated team will find you the front or rear bumper that works best for you. Buy now, pay later with Affirm Learn More. Side Menu.

Go Rhino is ushering in a new, refined front and rear bumper. Each front bumper can be installed with or without a winch depending on your needs.

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Go Rhino 5 year warranty on truck bumpers is the best in the industry. You will noticed the angled designs allow for additional ground clearance, an added benefit for off road driving.

View 12 24 48 60 Items 1- 28 of Condition: New. Free Shipping! Go Rhino T BR Item : Item : MB. E-News Sign Up. Sign In or Create an Account.At BumperSuperstore.

Call us to get the best price, guaranteed. Find it lower? Need to return a product? No worries with BumperSuperstore. We will gladly accept returns for items returned within 90 days of the original purchase date and in new condition. Contact Us: You must contact us and let us know that you intend to return a part.

Please call and choose option 2. Some returns are subject to a restocking fee.

road rhino bumper kit

All parts must be returned in the original package, cannot have been installed and must be in original condition. Our goal is to make sure all items arrive in new condition. On occasion, items may be damaged while in transit by third party freight companies.

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When this occurs, it's our mission to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner and to the customers best interest. Please take the following steps when receiving your order:. Please note: If a part is mounted or modified, the part is no longer returnable. Both manufacturers, distributors, and BumperSuperstore.

Please make sure you double check the part number and vehicle fitment when ordering and review your confirmation email. If the customer orders the incorrect part they are responsible for shipping the product back to the warehouse the product was originally shipped from. Also, the end customer will not be refunded for original cost of shipping. In good faith, we will do the best we can to make sure the end customer has the best rates to get the product back to us. Tracking numbers will be provided when available.

If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please email or call us at We are more than happy to help our customers find the exact part they need. Free shipping does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or international orders. You will be contacted after the order is placed with an accurate quote to these locations.

You can also call for a shipping quote before your order is placed. Transit time estimates are not guaranteed. For questions, please call us at Visit: www.

road rhino bumper kit

Buy now, pay later with Affirm Learn More. Additional Images. SKU: TW. Shipping: Free Shipping! Customize Your Item. Qty :. Free Shipping! Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Manufacturer No matter if you are the hard-core offroad enthusiast who spends the weekend traversing the sides of cliffs or simply the on-road driver who wants to look stylish on your way to the beach, Go Rhino! Package Dimensions: W1.At Pure Tacoma, you will find the largest selection of Tacoma parts and accessories on the web.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service around. Check out Westcott Designs! Order your T-Shirt today! Shop by Brand. Addco Addictive Desert Des. Advanced Fiberglass.

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Off Camber Fabricati. Pure Branded Products. Mods Starter Pack. Shop This Build. Bed Covers. Bed Liners.

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Camping Gear. CB Radios. First Aid. Floor Mats. Genuine Toyota Parts.

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Grille Inserts. Jack Covers. Off-Road Accessories. Seat Covers.

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Skid Plates. Sliders, Step, Nerf. Summit Night Run. Universal Accessories. Advanced Fiberglass. AFE Power. Baja Rack. Cali Raised LED. DB Customz. Demello Off-Road. Fab Fours. Front Runner. Prinsu Design.Weld it yourself steel bumpers aka DIY steel bumpers are increasingly popular, and while we don't mind the idea of consumers building their own bumpers, there are quite a few issues with this concept.

Some of the companies selling do-it-yourself bumper kits are addressing these issues, but many are not. We're obviously a bit biased against weld-it-yourself steel bumper kits, so we think it's important for consumers to be fully informed before they buy one of these kits.

They're a great option for some consumers, but they can also be a source of trouble a couple years down the road. It might sound obvious, but it's hard to make a good weld At TDK, this is our mantra - we pride ourselves on having the industry's best weld quality. We care about weld quality because we want our bumpers to look top notch but also because weld quality matters in two key areas:.

It's difficult to build a heavy-duty steel bumper yourself without a lot of welding experience. This is because welds crack whenever the parts fit poorly, the weld is contaminated, or the welder is inexperienced. In terms of long-term durability, steel bumpers are most likely to fail at the weld points. That's because a poor quality weld will crackand once a crack forms, rust will follow. Cracking occurs when the parts don't fit together precisely an issue with a lot of the cheaper kitswhen the weld cools too quickly an issue when the welder lacks experienceand weld contamination an issue with welding in dusty or moist environments.

If a beginner level welder has a set of poorly fitting parts and welds them together in a dusty old garage, that's a formula for a cracked weld.

road rhino bumper kit

In terms of crashworthiness, weld points are the most likely failure points. At TDK, we make sure our welds are extremely strong because we don't want to risk a bumper failure. As a manufacturer, we understand the consequences of a bad weld in a collision.

Many DIY bumper kit manufacturers, on the other hand, have no concerns about what happens in a crash. That's because they put the responsibility on their customer's shoulders.

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We believe a DIY bumper kit should be designed to be safe, even if the weld quality isn't top-notch. While there are some kits like this on the market, a lot of them are not designed with welder experience in mind.

As a result, many of them don't perform in a crash. Last but not least, if you like the idea of building a unique bumper for your truck, check out our build-to-order steel bumpers.

Nearly every bumper we offer is customizable, with our new Cyclone bumpers offering more custom options than anything else in our line-up.At Pure Tacoma, you will find the largest selection of Tacoma parts and accessories on the web. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service around. Check out Westcott Designs!

Order your T-Shirt today! Shop by Brand. Addco Addictive Desert Des.

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Advanced Fiberglass. Off Camber Fabricati. Pure Branded Products. Mods Starter Pack. Shop This Build. Bed Covers. Bed Liners. Black-Out Parts. Bull Bars. Camping Gear. CB Radios. First Aid. Floor Mats. Genuine Toyota Parts. Grille Inserts.